Corduroy Brown is Playing Our Heiners / Dutch Miller Summer Concert Series

Corduroy Brown

Corduroy Brown is a poppy, indie rock performer from Huntington, West Virginia. His band emerged out of the pandemic as a group of old friends who just wanted to make music together and feel better about life in a time of uncertainty. Of course – the road to this band was not always easy. Mental health struggles dominated the early history of this band and fueled the inspiration behind it all. In February, Corduroy Brown fought death in the ICU, but survived. It reset his perspective and allowed him to really dial this project in and gear up to take on the world. Now themes of mental wellness and a willingness to be better fuel their work and guide them in a new mission to take on the world and lift up those around them. With their debut album out August 14th, Corduroy Brown is gearing up to really reach that crucial next level. They want to craft a record that hits people in the gut, the way that their favorite songs hit them. The goal is simply to inspire others to create and to take their vision into their own hands. At the end of the day it’s about finding ways to feel satisfactory and taking the good with the bad.

Connect with Corduroy Brown here.

Listen to Corduroy Brown on iHeartRadio here.

In studio with Corduroy Brown

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