Weekend Photo Dump

The Showcase Football Camp athletes at Tanks Memorial Stadium
Tyler in middle (black shirt) standing beside his buddy Nick Sites (left) and Kirtland receiver Gage Sullivan (right)
Sarah Mitchell, Sarah Roach, Karmen Bruton, and LayLay Wilburn
South Point Ladies Relay Team placed 2nd in District Finals
Friday Night Monopoly - Dave gets that dub and bolts!
Dave and his daughter Sarah at Grand March
Tyler and his South Point buddies are ready for some baseball! Joey, Tyler, Ethan and Brayden.
Tyler chatting with Coach Calvin Hankins and Pitcher Dawson Philyaw
Tyler catching at a baseball tournament in Mt. Sterling, KY
On the way to the truck after a couple Dubs... and headed to Grand March!
Dave with Sarah at Grand March
Tyler with Sarah at Grand March
Sarah with the fam (except Jaxon) at Grand March
Sarah and her Prom date Nakyan Turner - Photo cred: Brent Fugett
Sarah's friend group before Prom - Photo Credit: Brent Fugett
The ladies - Photo credit: Brent Fugett
The fellas - Photo credit: Brent Fugett
Photo credit: Brent Fugett
Photo Credit: Brent Fugett
Saturday Night Monopoly Round 1 - Terri beats Sheldon
Saturday Night Monopoly Round 2 (Sheldon asleep in the back) - Missy beats Tyler
Senior Sunday at C3 Church
Baseball tournament in Mt. Sterling
Tyler  on deck
Mt. Sterling tournament - Tyler catching