'Overcomfort Podcast' Lets Listeners Know 'It's Okay To Not Be Okay'

For some people, stepping out of one's comfort zone can seem like an impossible task, even if it means missing out on an important opportunity or exciting event. However, taking a chance on something new is often where one experiences personal growth and meaningful connections that leave a lasting impact.

The Overcomfort Podcast with Jenicka Lopez lets listeners know that "it's okay to not be okay," offering non-judgmental advice and unique takes from guests who share their own experiences of figuring out how to take a lead out of their comfort zone in order to follow their own destiny.

Overcomfort Podcast has new episodes every Tuesday, as host Jenicka Lopez, often joined by special guests, aims to help listeners by "inspiring confidence and helping them choose calling over comfort," offering them a place of "non-judgement" to learn how to take that next step.

In the latest episode released Tuesday (June 25), Lopez chatted with her friends Shanti and G Hoffman as they discuss the importance of creating generational wealth, sharing their own experience with various business ventures, both those that have been successful as well as those that have failed.

Check out more episodes of the Overcomfort Podcast with Jenicka Lopez at iHeart.com.

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