Kylie Jenner Breaks Down In Tears Over 'Exhausting' Comments On Her Looks

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Kylie Jenner broke down in tears as she spoke about the toll negative comments on her appearance have had on her throughout her years in the spotlight.

The tearful conversation happened on Thursday's (June 20) episode of The Kardashians, in which she and her sister Kendall Jenner were discussing how they feel their family is often "dehumanized" by the media and haters who have something to same about how they look, per Entertainment Tonight.

"If you talked the same way you do about us about any other woman, people would come to their defense all day long," Kendall said. "But for some reason, with us, people don't think we have any feelings."

Kylie agreed, saying that it's "a miracle that I can still have confidence, and look in the mirror and think I'm pretty," adding, "After 10-plus years of hearing about [my looks], it just gets exhausting."

Kendall acknowledged that it is difficult to change the opinions of haters, saying that "it's sadly something we just have to, like, really grow tough skin on." However, Kylie got emotional as she opened up about the mean comments she has gotten about her appearance and how they "affect" her.

"I've never cried about this before, but I guess it does affect me," the 26-year-old Kylie Cosmetics founder said, adding as Kendall hugged her, "It's just like, why do people think it's OK to talk about me?"

While there are still plenty of supporters who leave kind comments, Kylie noted that she still sees negative responses attempting to justify why it's OK to mock her and her family. Many mean comments say things like "she did it to herself" and "she f------ up her face," Kylie said, even as she has been on a "journey" to dissolve some of her lip filler. However, she pointed out that she has received the hurtful comments since she was a child.

"People have been talking about my looks since I was 12, 13. Before I even got lip filler, people were talking about my looks," Kylie said. "I look old, I see it under every post."

The mom of two added, "I think that I'm really strong, and I was put in this position for a reason. I do think of myself as a confident person. I'm also human and there's only so much one person can take."

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