This Week's Weird News

Scientific papers that centered around potential ET life out in space, a  pair of intriguing videos of possible paranormal activity, and a Dutch  man who wants to legally shave 20 years off of his age were among the  strange and unusual stories that got our attention this past week.

Although ghost stories and Bigfoot encounters are undoubtedly strange,  they sometimes pale in comparison to the weirdness displayed by everyday  people as evidenced by this week's story of a Dutch man who wants to  legally change his birth date so that he is 20 years younger. Emile  Ratelband told the court that, were he 49 instead of 69, he would be  able to get more work and, perhaps revealing his true motive, have  greater success finding dates on Tinder.

The possibility that there are intelligent extraterrestrials residing  somewhere in the universe was the focus of two mainstream science papers  that made news this week. First, astronomers at Harvard argued that the  mysterious interstellar object known as 'Oumuamua' could, in fact, be  an ET solar sail. This intriguing suggestion was followed by a research  project from an MIT scientist who proposed producing a proverbial 'porch  light' for Earth in the form of a massive laser that could easily be  detected by aliens who may be scanning our galactic neighborhood looking  for life. 

The paranormal and pop culture collided in hilarious fashion over in  England when a dispute over a haunted doll found its way onto a daytime  TV court show. The central issue being contested was a man's claim that  he never received the full payment for his sale of a purportedly haunted  doll. What followed was a wildly amusing showdown presided over by a  judge who seemingly had a hard time believing what he was hearing,  especially when the defendant told him that he didn't pay the full price  for the possessed figuring after the spirit attached to it told him  that he didn't need to honor the deal.

A pair of puzzling pieces of footage popped up on our radar this week,  beginning with an eerie security camera video from upstate New York that  appeared to feature a odd figure, which some suspect could have been a  ghost or a Bigfoot spotted running outside a man's home and then  vanishing into the darkness. Speaking of Sasquatch, an  individual in Canada captured footage of a dark creature that, at times,  bore a striking resemblance to the legendary cryptid.

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