A nurse, who was out shopping, jumps in to deliver a baby at Target

The Georgia woman was shopping at her neighborhood Target when she went into labor. Lucky for her, Caris Lockwood happened to be there at the same time. And Lockwood is a labor and delivery nurse.

So, right by the store's entrance, Lockwood put her experience to work. And with an assist from Target employees, she delivered St. Preux's baby: a healthy 7 lb., 10 oz. boy named Maleek.

"Caris was God-sent and amazing. She was sweet and caring and exceeded everyone's expectations. She went way over far and beyond," St. Preux, the hospital where Lockwood works, said after the delivery.

Do you think she saved a ton of money having the baby in Target rather than at the hospital? Just another way Target can save you money!

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