2013 Tri-State's Cutest Baby
MaKenley Dylana Carrol
 MaKenley is 10 months old.  She is a very happy & friendly baby.  She loves being outdoors & strolling in the park.

2nd Place

Aubree Jayde Ison
Aubree is 10th months old and has blue eyes, and enjoys playing outside.

3rd Place

Audrina Jo!
Smiling like always :)

4th Place

Aubree Lynn Leadingham
Aubree was having fun climbing trees at the park with daddy.

5th Place

Miss Jonzi Chaney
Introducing Miss Jonzi Daisy Jane who is always very playful and happy.  "I might be eating a rattle, but Mamaw says it's better that a snowball"

Thanks to all the babies and family and friends who voted!

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